Dental Bridge Benefits

When you take a look at the open space in your smile, you may experience a variety of reactions. Many patients feel embarrassed by the new appearance of their smile, some are extremely frustrated by the challenge that tooth loss presents when it comes to dental hygiene, and others feel most upset by the changes in their daily quality of life. The good news? Dental prosthetics like dental bridges replace your missing teeth while offering exceptional benefits. Discover whether a bridge is right for you – and learn more about what it has to offer – as you make your final treatment decision to complete your smile.

Provides Long-Term Smile Completion

Patients are often concerned with the potential life of their dental prosthetic. If you choose to replace your teeth with a dental bridge, you can expect the device to last for approximately five years to over 15 years. We suggest maintaining excellent dental hygiene (and scheduling six-month preventive checkups and cleanings) to get the most out of your bridge.

Restores Chewing, Speaking, and More

Missing even one, two, or three teeth can have a significant impact on your ability to comfortably chew your food, successfully speak with articulation, and even keep your smile clean. Patients often find that food becomes trapped in open spaces, presenting daily care challenges. A dental bridge is a fixed, stable device that will replace missing teeth by filling the opening. The result? You usual daily frustration will disappear, while your chewing, speaking, and hygiene are all restored.

Protects Your Smile Alignment

Did you know that a single missing tooth might cause your remaining teeth to become misaligned? The remaining natural teeth typically make a progressive shift toward the open area in your smile. When you fill the space with a prosthetic like a dental bridge, you protect your smile.