Qualifying For Dental Implants

Patients looking for a solution to address tooth loss often struggle when they learn about dental implants. How is this possible, you may wonder, when implants offer such a wonderful array of benefits? Well, it’s not the implants themselves that cause patients to take a few steps back – it’s the lack of knowledge regarding candidacy. Nobody likes to find out, for instance, that the very treatment they want is out of reach. The good news is that qualifying for implants is likely not as complex as you think. Become familiar with the essential requirements for a better understanding of candidacy.

Is Your Jawbone Healthy?

First things first, you absolutely must have a healthy jawbone if you want dental implants. Or, you must be open to bone grafting if your jawbone has suffered deterioration. This is a surgical procedure that will help restore your jaw tissue. Without a healthy jawbone, there will be no solid support for implant placement.

What Are Your Preferences?

Have you thought about what you want for your smile? Have you thought about your budget? If you are looking for a quick fix and a minimal up-front investment, you may be better suited to other solutions. However, if long-term wear and stability are your priorities, and your budget permits treatment that is cost-effective over time, you may make a wonderful candidate for dental implants.

Have You Scheduled Your Consultation?

Want to know the best way to determine your candidacy? Schedule a consultation, so we may examine your oral cavity to tell you whether dental implants make a good replacement option for the openings in your smile. (Note: If not, we can suggest other options to guide you toward a beautifully complete smile).