Keep Your Smile Looking Great As You Age!

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Time is a constant, and no matter how much we fight it, it will eventually affect all of our health. One significant way that this concerns people is in their bone density. As we get older, our body breaks down some of this material, leaving the remainder much more likely to break or chip.

Osteoporosis becomes much more likely after the age of 50, so if you find yourself on the other end of that, be sure to take particular caution with your oral health. Bone loss in the jaw can alter your smile in serious ways, including tooth loss. Also, this can make placing an implant at the site more difficult, only compounding the issue.

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains how common osteoporosis can be, and how to best protect yourself as you grow older!

Evasive, Yet Common

About half of American women over the age of 50 have some form of osteoporosis, and will break a bone sometime in their lifetime due to lack of bone density. Men don’t fare too much better, unfortunately, with approximately a quarter of Americans experiencing the same event. So this is not something that you can readily avoid, and if you do, you may only be risking more damage by ignoring the situation!

But this doesn’t always show itself in outward symptoms, so people may be unaware of the issue. So if you are over 50, it is best to calculate some bone loss into your daily life. Healthy habits can fom a great foundation for the future at the very least.

Effects On The Mouth

Your smile can be significantly altered by the lowering of bone mass due to age. Our jaw holds our teeth firmly in place, allowing them to stay strong and reliable in their daily functions of chewing and speaking. This can lead to the loosening of teeth, and if it worsens, can lead to the loss of these structures.

Even if it isn’t lost due to this, a pocket can develop which can grow a bacterial infection, placing your oral health at risk. Sometimes people make this even worse by leaving a tender spot alone while brushing and flossing because they are worried about structural integrity. But that weakens your mouth even further, so please speak with your dentist in this occasion.

Maintenance For The Older Mouth

Proper oral health care at home can make all the difference as we age. The first thing to remember is to maintain a healthy diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables. The more diversity in your produce, the better for your oral health, usually. We depend on many different vitamins and nutrients in order to keep our mouths safe. With this, we also want to make sure that we consume at least 1000 mg of calcium daily. If your diet cannot support this, you may need a supplement. Also, 600 IU of Vitamin D is necessary to maintain strong skeletal matter. And as with any other patient, brush your teeth fully twice every day, as well as flossing regularly and using an oral rinse. Smoking and alcohol consumption may also contribute to problems.


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