About Third Molars in Cerritos CA

You may be unfamiliar with the term “third molars” and more accustomed to hearing these teeth referred to as wisdom teeth. If third molars have yet to affect your oral health, you may be in the clear. While approximately 5 million people have their third molars removed each year, some people simply never grow wisdom teeth.

If your X-rays indicate that your wisdom teeth may become impacted or not develop properly, extraction may save you time and discomfort.

When Will My Third Molars Develop?

An oral examination and X-rays at the offices of Shawn Hofkes, DDS, will put you on the path toward finding out whether or not you have third molars. In the case of third molars that erupt through your gums, you can expect teeth to make an appearance by the age of 17. An absence of a tooth above the gumline does not mean you do not have third molars. Your third molars may grow in horizontally, which can damage the alignment of your teeth. Third molars may also become “impacted,” which means the tooth fails to erupt. An impacted tooth either remains beneath the bone or is covered with tissue and can be quite painful, leading to infection in some cases.

Do I Need Third Molar Tooth Extraction?

Whether you need wisdom teeth extraction or not is best determined by your dental surgeon, Dr. Hofkes, who utilizes state-of-the-art technology to get a closer look at what is happening beneath your gums. The offices of Dr. Hofkes provide comprehensive care for third molar tooth extraction, a common procedure in dentistry. You will likely find that a sizable number of your friends and family members have undergone wisdom tooth removal.

For fully formed third molars that are difficult to clean, removal is an elective procedure that can prevent cavities and other problems from occurring. For impacted third molars or those that are likely to grow in improperly, tooth extraction offers patients a variety of oral health benefits, including:

  • Avoiding teeth crowding
  • Prevention of shifting teeth
  • Protection from cavities and infections
  • More manageable at-home daily care of your teeth
  • Elimination of discomfort caused by third molars

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