Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Have you been thinking about choosing dental implants to complete your smile in the wake of tooth loss? We find that patients often feel good about restoring their smiles but then wonder if replacing teeth is really necessary. We often speak with patients who assume choosing a dental prosthetic like an implant is purely for cosmetic effect. Depending on the amount of teeth you are missing, you may have mixed feelings about improving your smile. Rather than make assumptions or suffer with the negative side effects of tooth loss any longer, we invite you to learn more about why you should replace missing teeth for a little motivation. Learn more:

Missing Teeth May Negatively Affect Hygiene

If you are missing one tooth or several teeth, you may find that food often becomes trapped in your open spaces. Keeping your mouth free of debris can become frustrating and sometimes embarrassing. This may also make for challenging dental hygiene. Replacing teeth with prosthetics like implant-supported restorations may make it easier to move comfortably through your day.

Your Teeth May Shift

The open space or spaces in your mouth provide your remaining teeth with an opening into which they may migrate. As your natural teeth shift into these openings, your smile may become misaligned. Teeth replacements act as placeholders, preserving your current alignment.

Chewing and Speaking Requires a Complete Smile

You may find that even missing one single tooth can present you with functional problems. Successful and comfortable chewing often becomes compromised by missing teeth. You may also find it difficult to articulate your words as you once did if you are dealing with an open space in your mouth. Completing your smile will restore your daily chewing and speaking comfort.

You May Feel Embarrassed By Your Appearance

Hiding your smile because of open spaces that embarrass you is no way to live. We encourage you to learn more about dental implants to replace missing teeth, so you can feel confident about the way you look.


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