FAQs: What are Wisdom Teeth?

As we enter adulthood, many of us will need to undergo an oral surgical procedure. Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, can erupt in our late teens and early 20s, causing a number of oral health concerns. In order to help you maintain a whole and healthy smile, we can remove them before they cause serious complications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Third Molars in Cerritos, CA

Question: Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Answer: Our mouths are designed to comfortably hold 28 teeth. However, with the arrival of the third molars, the number is pushed to 32. If the eruption of these teeth causes so many negative consequences, why do we have them? A popular theory claims that our ancestors needed them to help consume tough plants and meats that were part of the human race’s early diet.

Question: Do they need to be removed?

Answer: In most cases, they will need to be removed. Otherwise, the adjacent teeth can become fractured, chipped, or infected. In addition, the third molars may become impacted, causing serious discomfort.

Question: What does the extraction process involve?

Answer: First, we will administer a local anesthetic. We will then make an incision in the gums, grasping the wisdom teeth and removing them before suturing the area. Patients will then have detailed aftercare instructions.

Question: Will the procedure be comfortable?

Answer: Yes. Along with a local anesthetic to ensure the patient remains comfortable we can also provide sedation dentistry. Sedation helps patients remain calm and relaxed. We often recommend sedation for patients who have anxiety or an overactive gag reflex. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact our office right away. We can talk to you about extraction and discuss your smile goals.


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