The Far-Reaching Consequences of Sleep Apnea

Have you been diagnosed with the sleep disorder sleep apnea that causes you to wake several – perhaps over a hundred – times per night? If so, you know that this problem occurs when your throat muscles over-relax while you sleep. When this happens, the throat tissues that they usually support will collapse against one another, blocking your ability to breathe. Waking an excessive amount of times per night will lead to a long list of frustrating side effects that will disrupt your immediate comfort as well as a variety of other areas of your life you may not have considered. Think about the following when you consider the importance of seeking treatment:

Your Significant Other Is Suffering

When you wake up during the night, gasping or choking for air, you are probably waking up the person sleeping next to you. When you haven’t been roused from sleep yet but you are snoring very loudly, this may also wake up your significant other. All of the symptoms you experience due to a lack of sleep are likely also plaguing your loved one’s daily life, which can place a strain on your relationship as a result of frustration and simple exhaustion.

The People Around You Notice

The people surrounding you in your daily life may not know you suffer from sleep apnea. They will, however, recognize the changes in your personality and it may begin to cause damage. First, you may find that your friends or family members are becoming frustrated with your moodiness that is a common symptom of sleep apnea. You may also discover that your inability to concentrate can cause problems in many areas of life. For instance, you may have difficulty remaining awake while you drive, which places everyone in great danger. Your career may also suffer if you have difficulty focusing on your work.

To improve your relationships and safeguard your daily life and comfort, visit us for sleep apnea treatment, so we can guide you comfortably back toward a solid night of restful sleep.


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