What To Do During A Dental Emergency

Do you know what to do in the case of a sudden dental trauma? Chances are, since you never plan for an accident involving your teeth or gums, you may not know what to do when an emergency occurs. First, recognize that we are here to help you and understand the urgency of your situation. Next, we encourage you to look over the following answers to patients’ frequently asked questions regarding what to do during a dental emergency.

Completely Relax

The best way to make a problem much worse than necessary is allowing yourself to panic. We can empathize with your immediate shock, but we also know the importance of calming yourself down. Our team encourages you to take a few deep breaths and to keep in mind that our emergency dentistry care will soon guide you back toward a healthy, comfortable smile. In the meantime, determine whether you can drive yourself to our practice – if you feel too shaken or require assistance, think of a friend or loved one who may be available to assist you.

Contact Us Immediately (Unless It’s A True Medical Emergency)

Call us right away when an accident occurs or sudden severe discomfort arises. In most cases, the sooner we see you and begin treatment, the greater the chance that we may successfully repair your concern and send you home smiling. Rather than trying to fix the problem on your own or ignore the issue, let us know exactly what is going on. If you do not get a hold of us on the first try, leave a message with your contact information and name so we can call you back. In addition, if you feel concerned that your trauma threatens your life, contact 911 instead or drive to your nearest emergency room.

Follow Some Basic Guidelines

There are some easy steps you can follow before your visit – these may make your appointment more successful, while keeping you calm:

  • Place chipped or broken tooth pieces into a sealed container like a zipper-lock bag. Bring these items with you.
  • Avoid using tweezers or other instruments to try to remove lodged debris from between teeth.
  • For pain or swelling, take an over-the-counter analgesic.
  • For bleeding, place sterile gauze or other fabric against the affected area and either bite down or apply pressure.
  • For a dislodged tooth, hold the tooth under lukewarm water. Do not remove any tissue attached to the tooth. Store the tooth in an airtight container full of salt water or milk, all of which you will bring with you to your appointment.

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