Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal: Your FAQs

You may feel confident that you will need wisdom teeth removal to protect your oral health at some point in your life – but when is the right time? Are you supposed to just wake up one morning and decide that now is a good time to call us up to schedule your teeth removal, you may wonder? Fortunately, we have the explanations you are looking for with the following questions and answers. We encourage you to recognize that we make conservative diagnoses and decisions, ensuring we do what is best for your unique needs and oral health.

Frequently Asked Questions About When to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Question: Should I ask about wisdom teeth removal before there’s a problem?

Answer: We will discuss this solution with you when you become our patient. Our team will thoroughly examine your mouth and ask questions about your oral health. With the use of advanced imaging, such as digital X-rays, we can gain a better idea of whether removal is to your advantage.

Question: Can I have them removed as an adult?

Answer: Yes. We often remove wisdom teeth for our adult patients. Because your jawbone density increases with age, the process may be more complex than with the less dense tissues of a younger patient. However, we use advanced, modern technology and instruments to ensure we offer a comfortable, successful tooth removal that protects your long-term oral health.

Question: Are there any symptoms or signals that suggest it’s time for removal?

Answer. Yes. Unless we have already decided to perform preventive surgery, signs that your wisdom teeth may cause you problems or need to be extracted include the following:

  • You have impacted wisdom teeth, or they are growing in at an angle
  • Your wisdom teeth experience infections or cysts
  • These teeth are causing discomfort or swelling


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