Third Molars Cause Harm In A Healthy Mouth

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For young people, the quality of their teeth can make a serious impact in their daily life. After all, our smiles are one of the first things that people see when we meet them. If we begin speaking and our oral health is noticeably damaged, we might turn people off of our ideas before we can even give them a chance to listen.

Orthodontic procedures are also very common during this time, and all that work can be destroyed through ignoring the development of your wisdom teeth. This last set of molars can cause major problems, as we have outgrown them evolutionarily. Our slimmer faces no longer can house these structures, so they can easily crowd the mouth. They also tend to grow much more erratically than others, so they may push in any direction that you can imagine. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains how important regular checkups and cleanings can be in keeping a beautiful appearance. And how imagery can help spot potential concerns before the even have a chance to happen!

A Pivotal Time

Adolescence is an incredibly important step in the development of you as a person. You are finally beginning to cement who you are as a person, and you’re starting to really step into adulthood. But when any step in this process goes wrong, it can leave lasting harm to your body.

Our oral health is a prime example of this. Our first set of teeth creates a path for your adult ones. If they have been extracted, we are much more likely to require orthodontic procedures during your teen years. But your last set of molars can undo all that work, and cause much more harm!

What Damage?

Your wisdom teeth can do individual hurt to the structures of your mouth through wear and trauma. When they erupt, they can push things around in our mouth, leading to abrasions when they meet. Our jaws are often strong enough to cause cracks or chips from the pressure. And as you might imagine, this activity can be incredibly painful! Taking the necessary moves can help to avoid all this.

Your alignment can also be seriously shifted by this growth. If you have had orthodontic work such as a clear aligner, you have spent a lot of time to achieve a goal. You do not want to undo that now!

How Do I Help?

The best thing that you can do for your oral health as an adolescent is to keep an open and honest dialog with your dental professional. You may feel self-conscious, but these are health advocates who are here to keep you safe. And while a trip to the dentist isn’t always a day at the park, you will be glad you kep a strict schedule!


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