When Our Wisdom Teeth Erupt

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Teens and young adults have one last set of molars, and these often pose problems in their growth. These third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are an evolutionary remnant from times past. Our mouths used to be larger and stronger to bite through raw meat. But our faces have become slimmer and our need for this last set of teeth is less necessary.

These molars can cause serious damage if a young person ignores them, at a time in development where teens are the most self-conscious. But as with most dental situations, it is best to monitor their growth in order to avoid problems before they can occur. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains the importance of routine imaging in adolescent mouths. And if extraction is necessary, what to expect from your surgery and recovery!

Early Care

Our third set of molars can do a massive amount of damage if you do not take appropriate care. They tend to grow erratically, in a space that does not have room for them to begin with. These teeth can lead to overcrowding and overlapping of your existing ones, which can pose roblems both medically and cosmetically.

When areas of your mouth become hard to clean, tooth decay is much more likely. This is the primary concern that arises when you have an overlap. If this infection continues, it may reach the interior and require a root canal. This means the removal of the flesh within your tooth, effectively separating it from the rest of your body’s systems.

Also, many teens have just completed serious orthodontic procedures when their third molars erupt. The new structures grow with enough force that they can even crack your existing enamel. So by getting ahead of the issue, you can help protect your smile!

Imaging And Extraction

The most important thing you can do during this time is to routinely visit your dentist for examinations and x-rays. Your oral healthcare provider can see how your mouth is growing, deep beneath your gumline. By anticipating their development, you have valuable knowledge in your fight.

If your dentist suggests extraction, do not dismiss this. It is best to attend to the situation when you can, before any potential damage occurs. Also, you will have more time in finding an appropriate time to schedule your surgery. This helps minimize the amount of intrusion into your daily life.

Speak with your care provider about details with your surgery. The most important thing you can do is to follow prior care instructions. Aftercare is also immensely important to your recovery. We all want to be back to our best self immediately, but the steps are there for a reason.This can help limit pain and ensure you heal as rapidly as is safe.


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