Wisdom Teeth Can Harm Your Smile

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The worst possible time to have to deal with a dental emergency is when you are already at your most self-conscious. Unfortunately, that is when your wisdom teeth are most likely to grow. These evolutionary holdovers seem to only come up in conversation whenever they pose problems, so why do we have them in the first place?

If left to their own devices, these molars can wreak serious havoc on your smile. Due to their erratic growth and the fact that our mouths are simply too narrow and small for them, they can cause overcrowding and alter your alignment. This pressure can be strong enough to even crack your teeth, so this is not a concern to take lightly.

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains the importance of tracking wisdom tooth growth in order to best protect your mouth. And if surgery is necessary for you, what you should expect!

The Danger Incoming

One of the biggest weapons we have in protecting your mouth comes through knowledge and imagery. We utilize x-rays specifically to identify and track growing molars in teens and young adults. By keeping to a thorough and rigorous plan of routine cleanings and examinations, you can ensure that possible complications can me noted before they can cause damage.

Without this, you (and your oral health provider) have no idea at the direction, size, or location of these teeth. And when you think about it in that way, that’s a frightening risk to take with your oral health. Especially if you have noticed any tenderness in your rear gums, or if a molar is emerging, do not ignore these signs. You may be facing damage without even knowing it!

What Damage?

These molars can cause issues for your smile in a few different forms. Since there is simply not enough room in most modern mouths, overcrowding is inevitable. This pushes the teeth forward and they can overlap each other or stick out at undesirable angles. For many people in this age range, they have already had orthodontic work, and we want to preserve that progress if at all possible.

Wisdom teeth are also commonly seen to grow at dangerous angles, as well. This can compact the issue and make it even more harmful. X-ray images will be able to note this, and you dentist can perform an extraction when needed.

How Invasive Is It?

Having your wisdom teeth extracted is an oral surgical procedure, and always needs to be undertaken with the utmost seriousness. But for many patients, this is a necessary maneuver to ensure the lasting health of the mouth. The speed of which you receive care can make a large difference in this, so give us a call today and we can plan your future in the best way for you!


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