Quick Relief In A Root Canal

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For those experiencing severe tooth pain, it can be devastating to your daily way of life. It’s simply nearly impossible to focus on anything else besides your ache. This pain can be caused by a number of factors, and one of the most common is due to bacterial infection. Whenever invading organisms find a way within the tooth structure itself, they expand rapidly. While they do this, they are creating acidic waste and damaging the fleshy root and pulp.

The most likely solution for this scenario is a root canal surgery, which is a procedure that gets a lot of negative press. It seems every television show or movie uses the root canal as an example of the most uncomfortable aspects of dentistry. But you may find speedy and lasting relief through the removal of the infected tissue. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist writes on how root canals operate, and why they may be a fit for your oral pain!

How Did We Get Here?

When you have any significant issue with your oral health, it is important to assess not only the current damage, but the underlying cause of the concern. If you have a tooth that has become seriously infected to the point of requiring surgery, avoiding this from happening again is helpful.

Perhaps you struggle with periodontal disease, and gum recession led to this infection. If that is the case, then you will want to also speak with your trained oral health provider about the possibility of a gum graft. This helps restore the tissue to an appropriate and healthy level to protect your whole mouth.

Deep cavities can also allow invading organisms within these structures, so it is imperative to keep to a strict oral health maintenance regimen at home. And keep to your dental appointments, every 6 months if at all possible.

What Is It?

A root canal is the term for the surgical procedure in which the infected interior portion of a tooth is removed, known as a pulpectomy. This removes the circulatory contact between this area and the rest of the body. In order to prevent future complications, the connections to the head are sealed using a material known as gutta-percha. This is a plant-derived putty that operates as a sealant.

After this is complete, you will most likely require a crown on top of your now weakened tooth. Our ceramic crowns offer a beautiful restoration that can even improve your smile!

There is a mild recovery period after the procedure, with a soft diet for around a week. Introduce more difficult foods as you feel comfortable. But remember, keep it slow and constant!


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