Using Dental Sedation To Create A Better Patient Experience

Your comfort during any dental treatment is important. Feelings of anxiety or unease can lead to an unpleasant experience, and make a person hesitant to seek out future dental treatments. Modern dental practices can provide a more patient-friendly experience, even during more involved dental work. With that said, some discomfort can stem from a person’s inherent anxieties about a treatment. To help instill a sense of relaxation, your dentist can provide you with dental sedation. Many people will benefit from the administering of nitrous oxide. The gas can be delivered nasally while you receive dental work, and its effects can dissipate quickly. If you have stronger feelings of discomfort when it concerns dental care, you may be a good candidate for IV sedation.

Should I Ask My Dentist About Dental Sedation?

When undergoing a more involved dental treatment, such as the placement of dental implants, a desire for some sedation is certainly understandable. Nitrous oxide can help you keep your nerves under control while you undergo dental surgery. If you have feelings of discomfort so strong that you are put off by the mere thought of seeing a dentist, IV sedation may be more appropriate. With IV sedation, it can be easier for a patient to tune out stress-inducing stimuli, and it can be easier for them to keep their muscles relaxed. Both forms of sedation allow you to retain consciousness, so you can respond to your dentist.

Making More Involved Care More Comfortable

By keeping up with modern, caring dental practices, your dental surgeon can help make your experience as comfortable as possible. If your fear is keeping you from setting an appointment, you should know that delaying treatment for a problem can create new issues.

Count On Quality Oral Care During Treatment At Cerritos Dental Surgery

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