Treatment For Your Dental Discomfort

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What should you do when you experience dental pain? When you wait for the pain to go away on its own, underlying issues with tooth decay or infection risk expanding in scope and requiring more invasive treatment. This can have an unintended effect such as eventually needing a tooth extraction when a more conservative solution would have addressed your pain earlier. Although no one wants to go through this problem, having a plan to address your discomfort promptly can provide valuable relief and prevent a problem tooth from becoming worse. In fact, problems with your oral health can expand beyond your teeth, and for this reason the right care can safeguard your overall health.

At your Cerritos, CA, dentist’s office, we encourage you to give us a visit whenever you have an issue with dental pain. Our team can evaluate your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, and treat the source of your discomfort. If you are struggling with an uncomfortable tooth, call us today!

When Dental Pain Causes Worry

There are multiple problems with a variety of causes that can cause discomfort within your mouth. While one problem may be contained solely within a specific tooth, other oral pain issues stem from the entire mouth. You may have general stress and discomfort throughout the entirety of your face and jaw that requires treatment. While an individual tooth’s pain can be caused by a cavity that needs removing, a constant ache in your jaw could be the effect of TMJ disorder. In both situations, the correct approach can relieve your pain and prevent it from becoming worse.

Treating Your Sensitive Or Aching Tooth

If you wake up each morning with pain or sensitivity in a tooth that will not quit, let your dentist know right away. Tooth pain has a variety of causes which include tooth decay and gum line recession. Your dentist can provide treatment for a cavity or refer you to a surgeon for a gum graft to treat recession. This procedure can prevent future loss of gums and bone, and relieve your sensitive tooth.

Addressing Problems With Your Jaw

Pain and discomfort in your jaw and face may be a sign of temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. This problem may be caused by issues with your bite movement, the position of your jaw, an existing injury, or even arthritis. We can provide a night guard to wear while you sleep to relieve tension and guide your jaw into a desirable position. This solution also protects your teeth from grinding if you experience constant clenching at night.


Dr. Shawn Hofkes and the staff at Cerritos Dental Surgery can help you address complex dental issues, including those that concern oral pain. To schedule an appointment or consultation with our team, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA, and all surrounding communities, such as Lakewood, Long Beach, Buena Park, and more.