Tired Of Dentures, Not Ready For Implants?

When you’re tired of wearing your partial dentures because you would like more stability but you are not ready to move onto dental implants, you may feel a bit stuck. What to do now, you wonder to yourself? Fortunately, we offer a nice middle-of-the-road choice. Individuals under these circumstances may be able to rely on dental bridges. Not sure you’re a candidate but this sounds like an option? Find out more regarding how to qualify (and remember to come see us).

They’re Only For Specific Needs

Yes, dental bridges make a wonderful choice if you don’t want to deal with your partial anymore (perhaps slippage is an issue) but the idea of implants is just not in the cards at the moment. However, this doesn’t mean all partial wearers make good candidates. You see, a bridge can replace teeth in a row (up to three of them). If teeth are scattered, you may require more than one bridge or you may need to consider an alternative care plan.

They’re Fixed Devices, Don’t Forget!

Remember, the reason your dental bridge is going to offer improved stability is the fact that it’s not removable like a partial denture. If you appreciate the freedom of removing and replacing your partial then you may not appreciate the fact that a bridge is bonded to natural teeth (or secured with two implant posts, depending on your decision). If you love the idea of this stability, then a bridge just might be for you. Schedule a visit soon to learn more.