3 Risks Of Avoiding Emergency Dental Care

When you find yourself in need of emergency dental care but you end up talking yourself out of it, you may be putting yourself in harm’s way. Beyond the problem or damage that has already occurred, complications can quickly arise that may become moderate to severe, which means choosing care is always the right choice. Consider some of those potential risks, so you realize you really should call us when you need us.

Risk #1: Increased Pain

If your tooth hurts quite seriously, chances are good that the discomfort is going to get worse instead of better. The same is true for problems affecting other oral tissues. Contact us for emergency dental care, so we can guide you toward comfort, while addressing the source of the problem.

Risk #2: Avoidable Damage

Let’s say you crack your tooth and instead of scheduling a visit for emergency dental care, you simply wait. And you wait a little bit longer. It’s quite likely that your damaged tooth will crack further and may break apart, leaving you with a new problem on your hands. Come in ASAP when something damages your tooth to avoid requiring costly, complex care.

Risk #3: Putting Your Life At Risk

In general, a dental emergency is not going to end up sending you to the hospital. However, if you have an infection that has abscessed and you allow that abscess to rupture, infection may enter your bloodstream. To avoid a problem that significantly affects your overall wellbeing, it is best to schedule emergency care if you think you might need it.