Sudden Symptoms And What To Do

Perhaps you suddenly feel a bump in your mouth. Maybe something hurts. Perhaps you experience some minor bleeding. From very little issues to seemingly large concerns, the sudden onset of symptoms can be quite alarming. Rather than feel like you’re not sure where to turn or what to do, we strongly encourage you to remain calm and come in for an oral pathology visit. Let us fill you in a bit more regarding how to respond when the unexpected occurs.

What’s Happening?

You may need an oral pathology visit with us if you notice any type of change in your mouth or even on the outside of your mouth. There is not a finite list, so if something unusual occurs, don’t assume we cannot help you. Instead, remember that problems like bleeding, a sore or hoarse throat, infection, bumps, ulcers, spots, inflammation, and more are simply your body telling you that it’s time for professional care. Anything else that raises alarm? It’s worthy of a visit.

What To Do

You need to pick up your phone and give us a call. It’s as simple as that. We know that the idea of scheduling an oral pathology visit is not something that most patients do with ease. However, avoiding the urge to give into hesitation and to hang up the phone is actually your best possible choice. The sooner we have the opportunity to diagnose the issue affecting your smile, the sooner we can put a solution into motion to resolve your oral health concern.