Wishing You Great Oral Health And Happy Holidays!

Yes, when you receive greetings for a happy holiday weekend from us, your dental surgery practice, you’re going to get a mixture of well wishes and a quick note about oral health … it simply comes with the territory! Since you’ll have a bit of time for reflection over the weekend, we encourage you to have a truly wonderful experience and to spend just a minute or two gathering up motivation to prep for the New Year. Consider some helpful suggestions, so you have a very merry time without forgetting all about your smile.

Protect Your Smile

Keeping your smile in good health over holiday breaks is easier than it seems but it often feels like a tall order. You’re in good luck! We happen to have some very simple, straightforward suggestions that can mean the difference between feeling wonderful about your efforts and oral health versus worrying you’ve missed a step. Keep some tips in mind:

  • Remember that protecting the structure of your smile (including any restorations or tooth replacements) means trusting your natural instincts. If you’re about to eat something but you immediately think to yourself, “Wow, that could break a tooth!” then put it down and reach for an alternative.
  • Remember that good oral health is all about brushing and flossing (so don’t change your usual habits).
  • Rinse your smile after desserts (taking sips and quickly swishing it will even help) to keep sugar from resting on teeth.

Review Our Services

What do you need for your oral health? Get a head start on caring for your smile by reviewing our services and figuring out what you need to schedule for the coming year. Remember, we offer:

  • Sleep apnea treatment
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Oral pathology
  • Dental implants
  • Oral surgery
  • Sedation
  • Emergency dental care