Q&A: Your Electric Toothbrush Questions

Perhaps you have oral surgery coming up and you’re wondering if you’ll still be able to use your electric toothbrush after your procedure. Maybe you have replaced teeth with a dental bridge and you don’t know if it’s safe to use a powered brush on the device. Then again, maybe you’re wondering if using this type of dental hygiene product can help you avoid the need for further dental surgery in the future. Not to worry: We will help you with the details with some quick questions and answers.

Questions and Answers

Question: Will I be able to use my electric toothbrush after I receive oral surgery? Or, will I have to switch back to a manual one?

Answer: Immediately after your surgery, we will provide you with specific instructions regarding how to care for the site in question. As for the type of brush you may use on your entire smile once you have healed, you will absolutely be able to continue using your electric model!

Question: What if I have a prosthetic in my mouth, such as a dental bridge, dental crown, implant, or something else? Will this prevent me from being able to use an electric toothbrush?

Answer: Nope! They are certainly powerful cleansers but they are gentle enough to brush and clean your real and artificial tissue without damage.

Question: Will using an electric brush help me avoid additional oral surgery in the future when compared with using a manual one?

Answer: This depends on your habits. You may be able to do a wonderful job of cleaning your smile with a manual brush. However, if you have difficulty thoroughly removing plaque from your teeth (and doing so gently), then the electric option may help you better clean your teeth and, therefore, better avoid problems like decay and infection that can eventually lead to a need for advanced care.

Protect Your Smile With Smart Hygiene Choices

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