Safely Removing One Of Your Teeth

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If your dentist recommends extracting one of your teeth, you may initially feel alarmed. This is understandable as you would like to preserve as many of these structures that will not regrow after removal! You may hesitate when thinking about your comfort throughout the procedure or the process of recovery. Please do not let these feelings stop you from receiving treatment for your dental injury. What you should know is that a tooth extraction allows your dentist to handle problems with your tooth that are too severe for more conservative treatment. While your damaged tooth cannot remain in your mouth, think of removal as the first step in restoring the health and well-being of your smile!

At your Cerritos, CA, dentist’s office, we can safely remove teeth that threaten your oral health. We then focus on creating a prosthetic that complements your bite and returns the look of your full smile. Restorations such as dental implants and dental bridges provide multiple options for replacement.

When You Require A Tooth Extraction

If we determine your dental injury necessitates an extraction, we cannot save your tooth with a more conservative procedure such as placing a crown or inlays and outlays. This can occur when decay or physical trauma removes too much natural material to support a reparative restoration. Other times, we pull teeth when root canal therapy fails to fully remove the entirety of a bacterial infection from your tooth’s pulp. In this case, extraction prevents the infection from spreading to other parts of your body and causing serious harm.

The majority of patients who require removing teeth do so because of gum disease. When periodontal infection destroys the connective gingival tissue and support of the jawbone, teeth can become too loose to secure on their own. When no longer viable, removing them takes away the structure on which infection-causing bacteria attach.

Preparing Your Restoration

After removing your problem tooth, we will work with you to design and place a desirable restoration. Modern prosthodontic options mean you need not worry about a permanent gap in your smile. Placing a dental bridge connects one or multiple prostheses to crowns placed on surrounding healthy teeth. We can also place dental implants by inserting a titanium bone directly into the jaw through your open socket. Both solutions provide valuable support to the alignment of your bite as they prevent the drift of remaining neighbors into your new opening. Take care of your new restoration by practicing rigorous oral hygiene like you would a natural tooth. We will inspect the status of your artificial tooth at each subsequent routine appointment.

Speak With Your Cerritos, CA Dentist About Removing Your Injured Tooth

While hearing that your tooth should be removed can be frustrating, extraction allows you to restore a healthy smile! This treatment can prevent the spread of infection and relieve painful symptoms. If you want to learn more, please call your Cerritos, CA dentist at (562) 584-4082!