When It Is Time To Remove A Tooth

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It can make you feel somewhat nervous to move forward when it is time to receive a full tooth extraction. Afterall, the goal of other oral health procedures is often to leave as much healthy tissue in the remaining natural structure as possible. Dental fillings and crowns are created in a conservative manner to preserve your complete smile, but sometimes damage to a tooth requires total removal beyond the scope of those solutions’ reparative capabilities. What you should know is that this is usually the first step in treating an oral health problem such as a severe cavity or physical injury. In fact, a proper extraction presents the opportunity for placing a full restoration that returns the appearance of a full set of teeth while restoring the quality of your bite. Your Cerritos, CA dentist can perform this procedure in a comfortable environment that seeks to calm any unsettled nerves. This service can prevent future harm to your smile from your current injury and put you on the path to receiving a visually pleasing custom restoration.

Why We Recommend Removing Your Tooth

Your dentist will suggest extracting an injured tooth whenever there is no longer enough healthy material to perform a conservative procedure such as placing a dental filling or dental crown. When tooth decay is ignored for a long time, a common cause for complete removal is the growth of a cavity beyond repair. Sudden physical injuries and gum disease can also cause enough harm to leave your teeth in a poor enough state for this service. Whatever the reason, we will only suggest a removal when there are no other options for maintaining the tooth. Fortunately, extraction is just the first step in returning your smile to an improved look while enhancing your ability to enjoy full functional capabilities at mealtime. We will work together with you to plan the placement of a restoration that serves your esthetic goals while covering any unsightly openings between your teeth!

Planning The Restoration Of Your Smile After Tooth Removal

Our team at Cerritos Dental Surgery provide multiple restorative procedures to enhance your smile after removing one of your teeth. The placement of a dental implant into your jawbone allows us to connect a prosthetic such as a dental crown above your gumline to return the function of your bite. This solution can provide important stimulation to your bone while recreating the lifelike appearance of a natural tooth. Other patients may benefit from the use of a dental bridge to cover the gap between your teeth. We will examine your individual circumstance to provide a solution that serves your desires!

Speak With Your Cerritos, CA Dentist About Tooth Extraction!

When removing a tooth, we can stop the painful presence of an injured structure and provide a restoration that offers important bite support and cover to remaining gaps. If you would like to find out more, please call your Cerritos, CA dentist at (562)584-4082!