Dental Implants Q&A: They’re Extremely Resilient!

Yes, it’s true: Your dental implants are extremely resilient. They cannot withstand anything that comes their way but they can most certainly provide you with the daily function you need. That is, they’ll stick around for many years and you don’t even have to worry about them. Not sure you believe us? Try out our Q&A session. You’ll see that as long as you’re thoughtful about care and your habits, things will be just fine.

Questions and Answers

Question: Will I end up needing to replace my dental implants eventually as a result of wear and tear? I know this is usually the case with tooth replacements like dental bridges.

Answer: Not exactly. You may need to replace your dental crown eventually (this replaces the part of your tooth above your gum tissue). However, the implant post (which resides in your jawbone) will likely last for the rest of your life, yielding no requirement for replacement.

Question: Do I need to be careful with the foods I eat or my habits in order to protect my implants?

Answer: Remember first that dental implants are very resilient, much like your teeth. However, just like your teeth, they’re not able to avoid any type of damage. While you can eat and drink mostly as you wish, it’s best to avoid foods that are extraordinarily tough or hard, to skip habits like nail biting or crunching on ice, and to treat bruxism or TMJ disorder if it should affect you.

Question: Is it going to require some serious attention for me to care for dental implants?

Answer: No, nothing more than the usual. Your dental hygiene will remain the same, as will our requirements of you to receive a checkup and cleaning twice every year!

Ask Us Your Implant Questions Soon!

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