Get The Best From Your Natural Smile

Natural Cerritos CA

The ideal within dentistry is to keep the things that are going well as healthy and strong as possible. For this reason, extractions are seen as a last resort. Ultimately, it is usually best to strengthen your existing biological tissue.

Patients can often feel this way as well. While they may wish to alter some things about their bite or the way their smile appears, they aren’t looking for radical change in their bone structure. But people might not know some of the ways we can bolster your own natural matter to ensure that you look and feel your best. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist outlines some of the common ways we can address cosmetic concerns without very invasive surgery!

A White Christmas, Even In California

One of the quickest ways to safely improve the look of your smile is with an in-person whitening treatment. Discoloration concerns are one of the most common things seen in dental offices around the globe. Years of stains can make the removal quite difficult, and over-the-counter options can use harsh bleahing agents.

Our goal is to keep your oral health at the forefront of any procedure, and whitening is a prime example of why a trained eye can be beneficial. We gently lift stains and monitor the strength of your enamel so that you do not gain sensitivity.

For those looking to spruce up their smile quickly, this is a fantastic way to refresh! Keep an open dialog with your trained oral health care professional. Honesty and approachable goals can give the best results.

A Stunning Versatility

For a Hollywood smile, one of the best courses of action lies within the use of porcelain veneers. These are sturdy, durable ceramic caps that can reinforce and replace our natural enamel. Years of use can wear down this material, leaving our teeth slightly misshapen. Such damage may even be stronger in those who suffer from bruxism, or grinding.

Porcelain veneers are also a great solution in repairing broken or chipped enamel, as well. One of the best benefits of this process is that it can reform your smile without requiring an implant or the change of the structure within the bone.

Speak to a skilled oral surgeon about the possibility of a beautiful new smile with porcelain veneers!


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