Why Does My Head Hurt?

Headaches occur as the result of so many potential factors that patients often assume their discomfort is simply a fact of life. However, if you suffer from daily headaches, we encourage you to learn more about alleviating pain with options like replacing teeth with dental implants. Not sure how dental care could possibly affect the throbbing or aching in your head? Think about it: Your mouth, teeth, gums, jaw joints, and surrounding supportive structure are all contained within your cranium. When something is off, the discomfort may radiate throughout the adjacent areas. Is this sounding like something that may be of interest to you? Learn more about how we may be able to assist you in achieving relief with the following:

What’s A Missing Tooth Got to Do With It?

When it comes to headaches, a main source of discomfort is often a problem with your jaw joints. You see, your jaw joints (TMJs – or, temporomandibular joints) connect your jaw to your head and allow you to move your lower jaw. When your bite is balanced, you close your mouth comfortably and your jaw joints rest. However, when your bite is thrown off balance, you may shift your mouth accordingly, which may stress your jaw joints. This stress leads to damage and discomfort that includes chronic headaches. If you are missing teeth, this can have a significantly negative impact on your bite’s balance. By replacing teeth with prosthetics like dental implants that will last and last, you can improve jaw health, while saying goodbye to headache problems.

Are You Sleeping Comfortably?

Another potential cause for concern is your nightly sleep. Though dental implants won’t fix this one, your jaw comes into play again. Sufferers of sleep apnea may find that they wake up many times a night (usually without remembering) as the result of collapsing throat muscles and tissues that block their air passages. One common symptom that accompanies resulting daily fatigue? Daily headaches. By adjusting your jaw gently with the use of an oral appliance, we can often keep your airways clear, while guiding you back toward solid nightly rest and headache-free days.


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