Reasons to Feel Confident About Oral Surgery

You may feel a bit concerned when we suggest oral surgery to protect your oral health. After all, this is certainly a bit more complicated than a simple dental filling. However, we would like to reassure you that we only recommend surgery when it becomes essential to protecting the short- and long-term health of your smile. For instance, if you are suffering from painful or poorly developing wisdom teeth, removing them will address immediate symptoms, while preventing long-term damage. Rather than suffering from anxiety regarding your upcoming appointment, we encourage you to learn more about what to expect. You will find that choosing to improve your oral health with surgery is actually a surprisingly straightforward, comfortable process.

Accurate Case Planning

To begin, we will rely on the use of advanced imagery for a detailed, close look at what is happening within the deep, inner workings of your oral cavity. We will most likely rely on digital imaging, such as X-rays, so we have a precise understanding of your smile’s needs. This also allows us to create an accurate care plan for efficient treatment that will see you feeling comfortable and healed as quickly as possible.

We Offer Sedation

Is your biggest concern that you will feel uncomfortable or anxious during your oral surgery? Rest assured, you are not even close to being the first patient to feel this way. Keep in mind that we will always begin your treatment by ensuring your tissues are numb. If you are still quite anxious – or if the particular treatment calls for it – we may offer sedation dentistry options, such as IV sedation, so you can achieve a deeply relaxed state.

Surgery Removes the Problem’s Source

The reason we cannot simply address your oral health concern with a restorative treatment like a filling or root canal is because you are suffering from a problem that requires more advanced treatment. In many cases, such as with wisdom teeth, it is essential to remove the source of the problem. This will immediately begin steering you back toward comfort and complete oral health, while preventing serious damage from occurring.


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