Dental Bridge Basics: Your Questions

If you have a single open space in your mouth, you are probably not feeling your best about your smile. Feeling disappointed in your teeth can come in many forms. First, you may feel shy or embarrassed about allowing others to see your teeth, which can affect your ability to speak with friends and loved ones or to simply feel comfortable smiling. Then, your ability to function during the day can become compromised. You need all of your teeth to do things like chew your food. Fortunately, we offer dental bridges to complete your smile. This prosthetic can quickly replace missing teeth, so you can return to the smile you used to enjoy. Learn more with answers to common questions:

Questions and Answers About Dental Bridges

Question: What is a bridge?

Answer: A dental bridge is a dental prosthetic that fills an open space within your mouth. It is constructed out of a series of artificial teeth. This includes one dental crown on either end. Situated between these two crowns is one pontic or up to three pontics – or artificial teeth – that will fill the open space. All of the artificial teeth are connected, forming what looks like a literal bridge.

Question: Can I take it out?

Answer: No. You cannot remove your dental bridge because it is a fixed prosthetic. This means that it is cemented in place within your mouth for long-term wear. To place your bridge, we will cement the end crowns over your remaining natural teeth. You have a tooth that sits on either side of your open space – we call these anchor or abutment teeth. They will provide the support for your bridge.

Question: Will it match?

Answer: Yes, the teeth in the dental bridge will blend beautifully with your natural smile. We will use lifelike material, such as porcelain, for the crowns and pontics. In order to create the bridge, we will take impressions of your mouth for proper dimensions and will color-match the “teeth” to match your natural smile.

Question: How many teeth can it replace?

Answer: A dental bridge will replace one missing tooth. It may also replace multiple missing teeth, including up to three in a row.


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