What Should I Do About My Missing Teeth?

Patients often come to us with spaces in their mouths as the result of a variety of causes. You may have suffered from periodontal disease, which left your jawbone too damaged to support your teeth and you are now ready to restore your smile. Some patients suffer accidental traumas or infections that result in the loss of a tooth. Other patients visit us will complete tooth loss, ready to enjoy a complete smile once more. Whatever your particular tooth loss pattern or experiences, the best thing you can to protect your oral health is to replace your missing teeth. Fortunately, we offer solutions like dental implants to fill the openings in your smile, so you can enjoy a fully rejuvenated grin and daily quality of life.

Schedule A Consultation

Before you make any assumptions about your smile and what type of treatment is best for you, we suggest you schedule a consultation. During this time, we can gain a detailed understanding of your current level of oral health and which types of prosthetics may best replace missing teeth. If you require treatment for existing problems, such as bone grafting for a damaged jawbone, we will guide you through all necessary steps to complete your smile.

Consider Dental Implant Options

If you are missing teeth, dental implants offer a wonderful solution. Unlike other prosthetics, they replace your tooth’s roots. Once the titanium post we surgically implant into your jawbone fuses with your bone and you heal, we can then restore or “top” the implant with a dental crown. However, if you are look to replace many teeth at once without relying on single implants, you may wish to receive fewer implants that will support a larger prosthetic, such as a full or partial denture. You may replace any number or configuration of missing teeth with implants.

Learn More About Bridges

If you are not interested in or prepared to receive dental implants, you may wish to address your missing teeth with a dental bridge. This is an appropriate replacement for patients who desire a fixed teeth replacement device to replace one tooth or up to three teeth that sit in a row.


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