Will I Eventually Need Implants?

You may think that it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in need of a tooth replacement option like a dental bridge or dental implants. This is because you assume tooth loss is a natural result of the aging process. Is this the case you wonder? If so, how is it that you know some mature individuals who still have a full set of healthy teeth? To answer these questions, we are happy to walk you through a brief Q&A session. For more information about protecting your oral health, come in for care.

Questions and Answers

Question: So, is tooth loss just a natural part of aging?

Answer: Nope. We know that it might seem this way but you can keep your entire smile healthy, intact, and in place for your entire life.

Question: If aging isn’t what determines whether I’m going to end up with missing teeth, then what factors contribute to tooth loss?

Answer: It’s actually the result of poor dental hygiene. Of course, there are other factors that can cause tooth loss (like accidental trauma). Remember, if you give your teeth and gums the attention they need, you won’t have to worry about this.

Question: What if I am already missing teeth? How do I know if I can receive dental implants or if other prosthetics will be more beneficial to my particular smile requirements?

Answer: If you are already dealing with tooth loss, we certainly have some suggestions. First, you will know which types of prosthetics you qualify for by coming in for a dental consultation. In addition, we encourage you to provide your smile with exceptional preventive care to avoid any additional loss or oral health problems.

Come In For The Care You Need

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