Oral Health: 3 Times Water Might Not Be Beneficial

Of course, choosing water as your beverage is always beneficial for your oral health. It is the great washer away of debris and bacteria, it’s neutral so it doesn’t hurt your teeth but protects them, and it won’t cause any type of staining! It keeps your body hydrated which, in turn, can help keep your mouth hydrated, too. So, what could possibly be wrong with a little H20? Isn’t it always a good idea? While drinking cool and lukewarm water is always advantageous, there are a few times it might not be so great. Learn more!

#1: When It’s Ice

Ice is wonderful when it’s keeping your beverage cool. However, if you’re eating ice because it’s a nice snack or if you’re finishing off your drink by chewing the ice, you’re putting your smile and any dental work in danger. Ice is very solid and difficult to break down. This can lead to broken teeth, prosthetics, and more. Skip it, so you can protect your oral health.

#2: When It’s Too Hot

Water that is too hot can burn your oral tissues and can warp your dentures. We encourage you to practice caution with beverages and during dental hygiene!

#3: When It’s Not Pure

When you’re holding a packaged beverage with the word “water” on it, you might want to do a bit of additional investigating. If it’s coconut water, it’s not pure water. If it’s got sugar, flavoring, or dye in it, it’s not pure water. Remember that additional ingredients may lead to an acidic pH that can damage teeth, may include decay-causing sugars, and can turn out to be detrimental to your oral health and the vibrancy of your teeth. Simply make sure you know what you’re drinking!

Keep Your Smile Safe With Wise Choices

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