Prevention: 2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Details

You hear about preventive care all the time. You see ads for dental hygiene products everywhere you look. We tell you to schedule an oral examination every time you leave our practice because we want to see you in six months. While you hear about prevention consistently, we know that doesn’t mean you understand why the details are so very important. As a result, we offer you a couple reasons you should not underestimate them!

Reason #1: Your Care Is Nothing Without Flossing

You might think to yourself that you can keep your oral health just fine without anything but brushing. Who needs an oral examination, a cleaning, dental floss, or anything else when you practice such exceptional care with your toothbrush? While we understand that you might feel like your smile is fresh and safe, you will discover soon enough that when you don’t floss, you end up facing consequences like gum disease and decay. This is because you simply cannot clean between teeth and under your gumline thoroughly without flossing.

Reason #2: Skipped Visits Leave Harmful Tartar

Patients often assume that brushing and flossing is enough. They should be getting your smile very clean, right? So, why come in for an oral examination and a cleaning? Well, two main reasons:

  • Your efforts at home are fantastic but cannot offer complete cleansing; you need professional care for thorough tartar and plaque removal (which, as mentioned, can lead to decay and gum disease).
  • If any change has developed, which might negatively affect your oral health, we will see it and offer treatment during a checkup but you probably won’t see it at home until it is severe. Keep up with exams, so your smile can remain healthy.

Protect Yourself From Complex Problems With Prevention

Learn more about how to avoid serious problems with your oral health by speaking with us about your daily and long-term care during your next visit. To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hofkes, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA, and all surrounding communities, such as Lakewood, Long Beach, Buena Park, and more.