Your Questions: Oral Surgery And Pain

One of the more common topics that comes up when we discuss oral surgery with our patients is: Pain. We know that the idea of receiving any type of dental care, particularly care that requires a surgical procedure, immediately causes you to wonder how it’s going to feel. Will it feel good? Bad? Somewhere in between? For starters, we can tell you in earnest that we do everything in our power to protect you from any type of discomfort. As for the particulars you’re hoping to find, we are happy to get you started with a Q&A session (and will offer further details during your visits).

Questions and Answers

Question: Is oral surgery painful? I’m already uncomfortable and I’m worried that going through with a treatment is going to make matters worse.

Answer: It’s not painful. The goal of surgery is to improve your comfort, your function, and your oral health and to prevent any additional complications associated with the issue at hand. Thanks to sedation, you can expect a relaxing procedure.

Question: What can I do after my oral surgery is complete to keep my recovery process as pain-free as possible?

Answer: We will provide you with thorough aftercare instructions, so recovery is a positive process. From relying on cold compresses and OTC meds to the prescription of pain medication if necessary, we will tailor your experience to your specific circumstances.

Question: What if I don’t have any pain at all but you insist that I need oral surgery? Isn’t it uncommon to require a surgical procedure when there’s no discomfort present?

Answer: Problems with your oral health will not necessarily be accompanied by pain. In fact, detecting a problem that does not include discomfort often means we have detected it in its infancy, before pain comes into the picture.

Protect Your Oral Health With Oral Surgery Sooner Than Later

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