Simple Screenings For Your Peace Of Mind

Cancer Cerritos CA

Oral cancer may seem like something that is rare, and while it is infrequent, it is also very dangerous. Around half of the 43,000 people who will receive a diagnosis will perish from the disease within the following five years. As an aggressive form of cancer, it is important to catch this as soon as you possibly can.

Early treatment can mean the difference between a successful cancer treatment and one that fails. And this disease may show up in those with no other health conditions. So it is very important for even the most healthy of us to pay attention to our oral health and notice any changes in our smile.

If you notice any change in coloration or the shape of your moth, make sure to mention this to your trained oral healthcare provider during your routine examination at the very latest. But today, your Cerritos, CA dentist urges you to screen for oral cancer regularly, so that we may be able to fight this before it presents itself outwardly!

External Symptoms

There is no replacement for the benefits that come with an in-person examination with your dentist. With that said, there are certain signs that might spur you to urgently contact your office for an appointment.

Changes in the coloration of oral tissue should be reported as soon as you possibly can, including any patchy spots that are red or white. If your skin starts to get thicker or if you develop lumps, please do not ignore these signs. More harm may be lurking underneath your skin, so you need to be seen.

Changes In Feeling

If your mouth is giving you new sensations, you might want to see a dentist regardless of the cause. Numbness in the area or a feeling resembling static can sometimes be felt at a location of oral cancer, so this is another instance where immediate assistance may benefit you immensely.

Pain is never something that you should feel that you have to live with when it comes to dentistry, as well. This can be a sign of something much more severe than a toothache, and risking your life in order to avoid the dentist would be foolish. It’s much better to be too attentive to your oral health.


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