Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

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Our wisdom teeth can pose serious problems if they grow in at the wrong angle. For many people, these last molars can cause crowding as they push the existing teeth toward the front of the mouth. With all of the concerns that come with the third set of molars, many people are left to wonder: why do we have them to begin with?

When you want to know more about wisdom tooth extraction, our team at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA is here to help. If your dentist has recommended an extraction of the third molars for your teen, give us a call to learn a little bit more about the reasoning behind this decision. We can help you to understand the risks associated with the growth of their last set of teeth, and we can also provide a roadmap toward a healthier smile. To find out more about wisdom tooth extraction, or to schedule your teen’s next appointment, talk to our team today!

Where Do Wisdom Teeth Come From?

One of the first questions that people have about their last set of teeth is, “Why do we have them if they cause so much trouble?”

The answer to that is complicated, and it shows us a little bit of insight into our history as humans. There once as a time when we needed significantly more jaw power than we do today in order to chew through tough raw meat. Our final set of molars provided additional chewing strength to be able to eat, but over time, we started cooking our food, which made them less necessary.

This same dietary change also affected the shape of our face. Humans started to have a slimmer jaw, which leaves less room for those final teeth. Since there is often not enough room for wisdom teeth, they can push the existing ones out of alignment, and even cause damage to enamel.

Does My Teen Need An Extraction?

For many teens and young adults, the third set of molars can become a serious problem for their oral health. Wisdom tooth development also tends to happen at an age directly following orthodontic treatment, and allowing molar growth to happen without help from a trusted oral health provider can risk undoing all of that hard work.

If your dentist has recommended extractions for your teen’s last set of molars, do not wait to see an oral surgeon about your needs. Our team is ready to help keep your child’s smile safe from problem wisdom teeth growth.

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