Simple Ways To Keep Your Teen’s Smile Strong

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If you are the parent of a teenager, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a great line of communication. They’re at their most self-conscious, and it might seem like they don’t even like you all that much. While this is part of natural development, it can make expressing pain or discomfort harder to catch.

One of the largest risks to your child’s oral health is in the development of the wisdom teeth. This third set of molars can cause serious issues with an adolescent smile, starting with their alignment. Equally important, this growth can cause damage to the teeth themselves, sometimes even cracking the enamel. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist outlines some of the ways wisdom tooth development can lead to major oral health concerns. Moreover, what you can do to ensure that your teen has a gorgeous and healthy smile!

Don’t Be A Stranger

When children get a little older, parents may feel that they can be a little more hands-off with their child’s health. After all, they are old enough to speak and own a smartphone, so shouldn’t be able to bring up mouth discomfort? Or possibly you have learned to tune out some of their complaints, making it more difficult to determine serious issues.

This time in a child’s development can be seriously confusing for adolescents, and they might very honestly not know the extent of damage that wisdom teeth can do. For this reason, your safest and best bet is to stick to a strict schedule of appointments with your oral healthcare provider. Regular images like digital x-rays can give your dentist the proper knowledge on the speed and path of the development of these last molars.

Don’t Put It Off

Another misconception parents often have around wisdom teeth is that this development is slow and you might be able to wait. While you might not see the external changes, there is a frenzy of activity lying just beneath the gumline. Imagery from a digital x-ray is incredibly helpful at tracking this growth. If you are keeping to your regularly scheduled appointments, the possibilities can be much less invasive than if you wait.

The damage that these teeth can cause can be enormous. For instance, alignment often radically alters. Our third molars can develop nearly sideways, and shift everything toward the front of the mouth. Many teens have recently completed their alignment treatment, don’t let waiting undo all their effort!


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