You Can Avoid Painful Third Molar Growth

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When it comes to teen mouths, one development stands above the rest in its possibility for havoc. Our wisdom teeth, or the third set of molars, are an evolutionary holdover from when our jaws were much wider. These structures grow in ways that can cause serious complications if not properly monitored.

There are numerous reasons as to why the wisdom teeth are removed. If you are struggling with the development of these molars, it may be necessary for an oral surgeon to remove them before they cause further lasting harm. Our Cerritos, CA dental surgery practice can help you to avoid the possibility of serious damage from wisdom tooth growth. Early imagery can help prevent future harm or stop the progression from continuing, so do not delay in seeking treatment for this condition. These molars can destroy alignment and they are even strong enough to crack your existing teeth. An extraction may be necessary to keep your smile safe and strong!

Be Proactive In Your Care

One of the most helpful tools anyone has in the ability to keep their mouth happy and strong is by focusing on preventive care. This means scheduling routine imagery to keep a trained eye on the development of an adolescent mouth. By tracking the growth and movement of these new molars within the bone of the jaw, the risk of serious damage is minimized. Knowledge is power in the fight to maintain a gorgeous smile throughout an entire lifetime.

Plan Your Extraction

If the development of your third set of molars requires a surgical solution, knowing early can make the process run a little smoother. Schedule regular visits for digital x-rays that can track your progress. We can then attend to any problem before it has a chance to inflict lasting harm. Here once again, the benefits of proactivity show in the world of dentistry.

Bypass These Dental Concerns

These new molars tend to grow erratically and with a great deal of force. Our jaws have become slimmer through the process of evolution. The addition of more material in the back of the jaw can force everything to the front of the mouth. You may be at risk of serious alignment concerns from the growth of these new teeth. Proper imagery can help you avoid rearranging the structures of the mouth.

Enamel damage may also occur as a result of stress from this process. When the interior of a tooth is exposed to the dangers of the mouth, an infection can develop that becomes painful and requires a root canal surgery procedure!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Cerritos, CA

Do not wait to track the growth of your wisdom teeth. Third molar development can lead to serious lasting concerns with your smile, both cosmetically and medically. Give Cerritos Cental Surgery a call in Cerritos, CA at (562)584-4082 and schedule a consultation to see if an extraction can help you!