Are You Afraid Of The Dentist?

Fear of the dentist is (unfortunately) common, whether you’ve previously had a bad dental experience or not. For some people, it could be a mild, underlying anxiety that causes hesitation, but for others – it can be an actual phobia, causing them to delay dental visits for months or years on end. While some people associate the dentist with uncomfortable procedures, these days are long over. Your dentist wants you to be comfortable, that way they can make sure your mouth is as healthy as can be – and that’s where sedation dentistry comes in, especially when you’re afraid of the dentist.

Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

While you probably already understand that one of the biggest advantages of sedation dentistry is that it eliminates your dental anxiety or phobia, but it also has several other benefits as well.

  • No Pain

Since sedatives are used to put you in an altered state of consciousness (although with mild forms you are still conscious and responsive), it’s able to reduce any discomfort or pain you may feel.

  • Less Appointments

Often times when you experience dental anxiety, it’s extremely difficult to sit through an entire dental procedure. For this reason, your dentist may recommend coming back more often for shorter appointments so it’s easier for you to handle the treatment. But sedation dentistry eliminates the need for this completely! It can actually help you to remain still and comfortable through the entire appointment, allowing your dentist to complete any necessary work within that appointment (depending on the procedure, of course).

  • Cost Effective

While both of these – no pain and less appointments – are certainly benefits within themselves, they both also mean that your dental work will be more cost effective. Even though you’re using a sedative, most of the time that means you won’t need anesthesia (eliminating that cost). Additionally, since you won’t need as many appointments as before, you’re paying significantly less!