Bone Grafting in Cerritos CA

Bone grafting is a process through which your dentist restores deteriorated or destroyed bone tissue. Grafting, or the act of surgically transplanting living tissue, allows for the replacement and extension of areas of your jawbone. The procedure involves moving healthy tissue from a variety of sources to the site in need of correction. Dr. Hofkes will explain your need for bone grafting treatment and the procedure step by step for your peace of mind. We can answer your questions and stand by our mission to set you at ease before, during, and after all dental services.

Why Do I Need Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is an essential course of action for deteriorated oral bones. The destruction is unhealthy, damaging to the beauty and function of your smile, and to the support of your facial structure. Your bones support your teeth and surrounding tissues. In addition, your entire oral structure supports the rest of your face that rests above. When your bones lose density and diminish, your teeth may become loose and fall out, and your face may sag and sink in, resulting in premature aging and a loss of healthy structure. If Dr. Hofkes recommends bone grafting surgery, the destruction was likely caused by the following factors:

  • Periodontal disease, or bacterial gum infections, left untreated.
  • Genetics often play a major role in the development of gum disease, even if you closely follow a hygiene regimen, which may lead to eventual bone deterioration.
  • A traumatic impact to your mouth, which results in sudden bone loss or damage.

What Happens During Grafting?

Dr. Hofkes will choose a particular method of grafting, as well as a source for the grafting material. He will then attach the bone tissue to the deteriorating area. Common bone tissue sources include your own bone tissue or artificial tissue. Dr. Hofkes will numb the affected are, and then carefully move your gums away from your teeth and bone. He will place the graft onto the affected site. Dr. Hofkes will complete the procedure by stitching your gums back in place.

If he chooses guided tissue regeneration, he may place a barrier over the bone tissue graft to prevent your gums from invading the site while it heals. This process protects the bone tissue and may aid in stimulating the growth of your own bone tissue.

What Are the Benefits of Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting can provide you with the support your mouth needs for full health and structural strength. Consider the benefits of this oral surgery when making the big decision to undergo bone grafting treatment:

  • Bone grafting provides support necessary for proper teeth alignment by preventing shifting.
  • The graft strengthens your jawbone and prepares it for dental implants.
  • Repaired bone tissue restores your jawbone structure, which provides support to your entire face.
  • Solid bone density and structure restores the aesthetic quality of your smile, as well as your mouth’s function, for comfortable speaking and chewing.

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