Find Time to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

For many individuals, removing wisdom teeth, or “third molars,” is a matter of maintaining proper oral health. Wisdom teeth can disrupt the function of your bite, cause you constant pain, and become a hassle to clean. Removing your wisdom teeth at the right time can make all the difference. When you’re younger, your jawbone is less dense, and this makes it easier to remove your wisdom teeth, so having this procedure done during your teenage years is often recommended. Finding time for surgery and recover over a period like winter break can help make the process easy. (more…)

Why Should I Have My Prosthetic Secured By A Dental Implant?

When a person experiences tooth loss, their confidence can suffer because they are unhappy with their smile. While the cosmetic issues resulting from tooth loss can be serious, you should also be worried about the functional impact this problem can have. When even one tooth is lost, it can become more difficult for you to bite and chew, or even speak! If no effort is taken to restore your smile, your compromised bite can end up putting strain on your jaw joints and muscles, or wearing down remaining teeth that have to absorb more friction from basic dental functions. At our Cerritos, CA dental surgery practice, we can discuss the advantages of having a custom prosthetic restoration crafted and secured with a dental implant. This can give you more confidence in your smile, and it can allow you to return to a more natural dental function. (more…)

Your Future Dental Bridge: A Very Nice Holiday Gift! 

Usually, when you start coming up with things you’d really love to give yourself as a holiday gift, it’s something like a pair of cozy slippers, an island vacation, etc. Something you may not have ever added to your list in the past (but that you just might want to include this year)? A dental bridge! Yep, we know. It’s a bit unconventional but when you think about how important your smile is and you consider the fact that giving yourself the gift of a lovely grin and oral health is really something that’s hard to beat, well … the idea can really start to sound like a good one. Consider our Cerritos, CA team’s reasoning behind such a lovely, smile-related present!


3 Things To Tell Your Dental Anxiety (Or Yourself)! 

Of course, your dental anxiety is something that is a part of you. You can speak directly to it but it’s not as if there’s a personified version of your nervousness that will respond verbally back to you! With that said, though, our Cerritos, CA team reminds you that there are certainly a variety of ways to handle these feelings. When you “tell” any butterflies-in-the-stomach sensations (or tell yourself, depending on how you look at it) some positive or beneficial things, you may be surprised by the impact is has, as you quickly gain a sense of relief. Hint: We also offer dental sedation, so no worries!


Who Can Tooth Loss Impact?

You may have some very clear ideas about tooth loss and the types or groups of people it impacts. You may guess that only people in their golden years deal with the loss of teeth and the need for replacements. You may assume that the main time this type of serious oral health concern occurs is when someone completely neglects dental care altogether. The interesting fact that you may be completely overlooking, however? It can happen to anyone (which means, even you!). Not completely buying it but you’re open to the details? Our Cerritos, CA team would be more than happy to offer you important clarification (and, remember, we offer care for missing teeth, too, should you need it!).


Why Dental Issues Don’t Require Stress! 

Of course, it’s the first thing that happens when you realize something has changed with your oral health. You may not do it intentionally but you might immediately find that your muscles tense up and you feel yourself stressing. Our Cerritos, CA dental surgery team understands that when there’s new territory involved (or you’re faced with something with which you’re not super knowledgeable just yet), it can feel emotionally uncomfortable. Since we are very aware of this and since we would love to know that instead, you feel confident and at ease, we’re full of helpful reasons that you truly can say “see ya later!” to stress, as you focus on helping your oral health.


Winter Holiday Time: Make Use Of It For Your Smile! 

The winter holidays are a time for fun, a time for gift giving, for gathering, for parties, and more! With that said, if our Cerritos, CA team were to ask you to come up with a list of the top 50 things the holidays mean to you, we have a sneaking suspicion your list might not include dental surgery. That’s perfectly fine! However, we do want to remind you that it should still be something you remember to consider. This time of year often makes for additional room in schedules, it’s the countdown to the end of the current set of 12 months, and more. So, let’s discuss what makes holiday time something to make use of for your smile!


Your Emergency Dental Visit: Whatever You’ve Got! 

Just the fact that you have to schedule an emergency dental visit to head to a dental practice? It’s not something that puts a smile on your face! However, you do have to admit that it’s a huge relief you have access to care when you feel you require it most. With that said, you may find yourself cringing as you wonder whether this issue you’re seeing as a huge emergency is potentially nothing much at all that we will dismiss. Here’s the thing our Cerritos, CA team really want you to keep in mind: If it seems urgent, we trust that it’s a problem. Come in. We’d much prefer to check out the situation and protect your oral health than miss something that needs attention right now. Allow helpful examples to offer you some insight!


Clearing Up Common Assumptions About Biopsies! 

We are very aware that there are many words that act as quick triggers for patients within the world of dental care. If we discuss cosmetic care, gentle dental treatments, or brushing, patients feel perfectly fine. However, the moment the term biopsy comes up, we often see that patients recoil and go from calm to hyper-concerned in an instant. We understand that assumptions you make or things you have heard may lead you to believed biopsies are something that should make you feel compelled to run in the opposite direction. However, our Cerritos, CA team is here to remind you: Once we clear up those assumptions, you can relax and realize that everything is A-OK!


How To Prep Your Smile For (A Safe) Halloween

You may feel that of all holidays, Halloween is certainly one that calls for you to throw caution to the wind and to just enjoy the festivities that the experience brings! However, we remind you: This isn’t something that will work for your smile health. Sure, you can tell yourself that you’re going to live on the edge just this once but don’t forget that the consequences to your oral health will be the same either way. So, how to have a fantastic celebration that’s safe for your smile, too? Our Cerritos, CA assures you, it’s absolutely possible with just a bit of simple preparation.