Learning About Third Molars

learning about third molarsDid you know that third molars are synonymous with wisdom teeth? They were originally referred to as “teeth of wisdom” because they emerged much later than the rest of the permanent teeth. Third molars often appear in the mouth of a person in their late teens or early twenties. Some people have third molars that never emerge from the gum tissue and some people never develop them at all. Most people have two molars in each quadrant of the mouth: upper right, lower right, upper left, and lower left. Molars are the teeth used for grinding and are in the back of the mouth.  (more…)

IV Sedation Q&A: Is It For Me?

Are you ready for dental care but you’re stuck with one last question: Is IV sedation for me? Truth be told, we’ll have to talk with you about dental sedation to find out if the IV route is, in fact, going to work wonders for you or if perhaps you should go in a different direction with sedation. As for the general stuff that helps you figure out your candidacy ahead of time, a quick question and answer session will do the trick!


Be Berry Careful With Your Smile!

One of the common ways patients end up experiencing broken teeth, chipped teeth, damaged dental work like bridges or crowns, and worse? Biting into something very hard (that with just a bit more caution may have been avoided). While accidents are certainly going to happen because you cannot know everything, we still like to help keep you informed. Today’s topic? How to enjoy all the berries you want this summer season and beyond without letting this otherwise nutritious snack harm your oral health.


Treat Your Smile With Tooth Extraction

The idea of losing a tooth can be quite a bit to wrap your head around, especially when it’s to help the rest of your teeth. In some cases, tooth extraction can greatly improve your oral health. How can removing a tooth improve your oral health? What’s involved in the process? What can your dentist do to make the experience as quick and comfortable as possible? These questions can be answered when discussing with your dentist how to treat your smile with tooth extraction. (more…)

Dental Surgery: Try Our Checklist

Are you putting off the dental surgery that you need because you keep getting distracted by other things? Maybe you aren’t sure what to expect, so you keep saying you’ll call us tomorrow. Perhaps you aren’t certain about how you’ll afford your surgery just yet, so you figure it can wait. While we understand that it can often feel easier to simply procrastinate than to follow through on this big decision for your oral health, it is certainly better to take care of problems ASAP. Consider our quick, helpful checklist that will get you on track toward improving your smile.


Summer’s Here: Time To Schedule A Visit

Summer officially begins in just under a week, which means you’ve got several days (but no more than that) to decide how you’ll spend this upcoming season. If yours isn’t packed with a million things to do (after all, it’s generally looked at as the most luxurious part of the year regarding free time) then it just might be a good moment to schedule a dental visit with us. Allow us to take a minute of your time to motivate you to give us a call.


FAQs: How Do I Move Forward With Choosing Implants?

There’s something very exciting about the moment you learn dental implants can replace the entirety of a missing tooth. However, it’s often difficult to follow that moment up with action if you’re not really certain about how to begin or where that path might take you. Rather than overthink it, go ahead and learn more from us about the process. Start off with our FAQs session.


Oral Health: 3 Times Water Might Not Be Beneficial

Of course, choosing water as your beverage is always beneficial for your oral health. It is the great washer away of debris and bacteria, it’s neutral so it doesn’t hurt your teeth but protects them, and it won’t cause any type of staining! It keeps your body hydrated which, in turn, can help keep your mouth hydrated, too. So, what could possibly be wrong with a little H20? Isn’t it always a good idea? While drinking cool and lukewarm water is always advantageous, there are a few times it might not be so great. Learn more!


Nitrous Oxide: A Quick Refresher

If you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily come in for dental care without a worry in the world, then you might also be someone who can benefit from nitrous oxide. While you may have heard of this type of dental sedation, you might not really know what to make of it. Is it something that could help you? What is the process like and will it interrupt your day, you might wonder? For answers to these questions and more, we offer you the insight that will help you see that relaxing care is a reality for everyone!


Prevention: 2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Details

You hear about preventive care all the time. You see ads for dental hygiene products everywhere you look. We tell you to schedule an oral examination every time you leave our practice because we want to see you in six months. While you hear about prevention consistently, we know that doesn’t mean you understand why the details are so very important. As a result, we offer you a couple reasons you should not underestimate them!