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Exercising for Healthier Teeth

You use your teeth more than any other part of your body, and yet you might not realize that, like the rest of your body, they too can benefit from a regular exercise routine. Besides working your teeth out when you bite and chew your food, exercising in general helps your body better fight many… Read more »

Boost Your Power Over Gum Disease

For gum disease to develop and mature into a serious problem, you don’t have to really do much. In fact, even if you actively try to prevent it, it can still form and threaten your oral health if you aren’t consistently careful. By doing nothing, or not doing enough, you can allow the mechanisms behind… Read more »

Learning How to Cavity-Proof Your Smile

If you’ve ever had a cavity, you know the appeal of never having another one again. Hopefully, yours needed no more than a filling to cover the small hole caused by tooth decay, but many people require a root canal procedure or even tooth extraction. Tooth decay prevention is rather limited to brushing, flossing, and… Read more »

Understanding the Need for Jawbone Grafting

Your general dentist may be able to detect when something is off with your jawbone. For instance, if it’s crooked or malformed, it can affect your bite, which will also affect the health of your teeth. However, when your jawbone requires correction, surgery is typically needed, which requires the expertise of a skilled oral surgeon…. Read more »

Interesting Facts About the Tongue

Is your tongue a muscle, or an organ? As one of the major components of your oral cavity, the human tongue holds many mysteries—some simply interesting, and some that hold significant implications for your oral and overall health. Today, we examine a few fun facts about your tongue, including how it can warn you of… Read more »

Serious Oral Health Causes of Halitosis

When it doesn’t go away, bad breath can be more than just embarrassing—it can be worrisome. Sometimes, that worry is justified, especially if your halitosis (chronic bad breath) is a signal of a serious oral health issue. If brushing and flossing your teeth consistently doesn’t rid your mouth of bad breath, then you should schedule… Read more »

When Extracting a Tooth Is Better Than Keeping It

Many patients don’t exactly welcome the news that one of their teeth has to be extracted. Even if the tooth hurts because it is severely damaged or infected, losing it can seem more devastating than dealing with it. As far as your dental health is concerned, however, the opposite may be true. In some cases,… Read more »

How Smoking Destroys Your Oral Health

The dangers of smoking and tobacco use are no longer really debatable. Over the last few decades, numerous studies have uncovered the link between smoking and several chronic, potentially fatal health issues, including a variety of cancers. Your oral health also suffers from the habit, and not just your breath or the color of your… Read more »

A Look at the Types of Dental Implants

It may surprise you to learn that the idea of dental implants dates back as far as 1,350 years ago. An excavated Mayan burial site in Honduras unearthed the remains of a woman believed to be in her twenties, with three shells placed where her lower incisor teeth should have been, and compact bone formation… Read more »

How Dental Surgery Can Help You

Unlike dental checkups and cleanings, which you should attend consistently, you might never have a need for dental surgery. When it comes to your dental health (like with your general health), dental surgery is only called for when a routine dental treatment will not suffice. Depending on your exact needs, such circumstances may include removing… Read more »