Boost Your Power Over Gum Disease

For gum disease to develop and mature into a serious problem, you don’t have to really do much. In fact, even if you actively try to prevent it, it can still form and threaten your oral health if you aren’t consistently careful. By doing nothing, or not doing enough, you can allow the mechanisms behind gum disease to gain enough control to cause serious damage to your oral health. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and diligent care, you can boost and prolong your power over gum disease to avoid the need for extensive periodontal treatment or oral surgery.

What You Need to Know

Preventing gum disease is an everyday thing

One of the most important things to remember about gum disease is its cause, which can be traced to certain types of oral bacteria that contribute to plaque formation. If you grow lax in your dental hygiene, which includes waiting too long between dental checkup and cleaning appointments, then the bacteria in plaque can settle in and begin attacking your gum tissues.

You can only prevent gum disease for a limited time

Gingivitis is the common name for the earliest form of gum disease, and describes the infection that occurs from excessive oral bacteria buildup. If detected and treated immediately, gingivitis can often be reversed, before gum disease has a chance to fully develop. In its mature stage, however, gum disease is irreversible, and treating it focuses on controlling the symptoms so they don’t cause more severe permanent damage.

Severe gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss

Gum disease focuses on the gums and periodontal tissues around your teeth’s roots, and eventually the jawbone underneath them, slowly destroying the supportive structures of your teeth. Because it often isn’t caught until its later stages, severe gum disease costs many patients one or more teeth by the time they seek appropriate treatment. In fact, it is the leading cause of permanent adult tooth loss in the United States.


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