Lost a Tooth? You Should Know This

Tooth loss isn’t something that everyone has to deal with, but it can affect virtually anyone given the right circumstances. For example, everyone is susceptible to gum disease without proper hygiene and preventive care, and gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Fortunately, patients in Cerritos, CA, who lose one or more teeth still have an excellent chance of restoring and preserving the rest of their smiles with the help of innovative dental implants. (more…)

Help! My Tooth Really Hurts!

Is there ever a good time for a tooth ache? That’s a pretty silly question: of course not! Toothaches can come in a number of intensities, with a variety of causes. Sometimes they are a dental emergency, such as when they come on suddenly, or with no apparent cause. Toothaches in response to an injury to the face or jaw should also mean a call to your Cerritos, CA emergency dentist, to see about a same-day appointment. When your tooth really hurts, don’t hesitate to call your dental office, and find out about relief. (more…)

Common Uncertainty Regarding Smile Whitening

So, you want teeth whitening for your smile. Only, you feel like you have some concerns that make it complicated. As a result, you feel sort of torn about the topic: Do you come in to talk with us about this type of cosmetic care, even though you feel resistant because you worry it’s not going to work out? Or, do you pretend you’re perfectly okay with the current discoloration you’re experiencing and just learn to live with it? Of course, our Cerritos, CA team strongly suggests the previous of the two options. It’s always best to ask what we think and to learn more about the care available to you. Believe it or not, there’s always a solution!


Things You’re Saying That Mean: I Need To See My Oral Surgeon!

If you listen closely, you will often notice that the things you’re saying aloud say a lot about what you need. For instance, you may simply talk to yourself in reminder form. Or, you may bring up things you need to remember or mention concerns when you’re talking with friends and loved ones. Our oral surgery team in Cerritos, CA, of course, suggests you spend a bit of time reflecting on the chit chat you’ve been making recently. If you happen to realize that you’ve been talking a lot about things we can help you with, then by all means: Contact us as soon as you can for a visit! We would love to be of assistance.


Make Cosmetic Care In 2019 A Reality!

When we find ourselves closing in on the end of a year and looking forward to ushering in a bright, shiny, new one, we always reflect on things that we would like to do and accomplish. If one of the things you’ve been thinking about quite a lot lately is finding a way to end up with a smile you can truly feel proud of thanks both to its health and its beauty, then our Cerritos, CA team can most certainly help you! Remember that in addition to offering a full spectrum of services to address your smile’s needs, we also offer the cosmetic dentistry that you want! Learn more about how to make your lovely grin a reality in 2019!


Are You Ready For Smile Care In 2019?

Would you say that you know just what to do for your smile care in 2019? Or, do you already feel a little worried or behind in regard to the professional dental care that you probably require, so you’re feeling a little anxious about next year? If it’s the latter, we completely understand and our Cerritos, CA team would be so pleased to help you. As you know, resolving to make changes that are beneficial for you is something that is a tradition as we welcome in a brand new set of 365 days! So, let us assist you by asking a few important questions, as you realize you really can feel optimistic about what the future holds.


Last Minute Care: Here Come The Holidays

We know that you have the best of intentions when you decide that you’re just going to wait it out (whatever it is) and stay home. You’re not going to call us to schedule a dental visit. You’re not going to pay too much attention to the problem. You’re just going to relax, enjoy the holiday season, and leave it at that. While smile issues can seem like they don’t need immediate attention right now, they have a strange ability to become a lot worse during the most inopportune of times (such as on a very special holiday). As a result, our Cerritos, CA team would like to talk with you for just a moment about taking care of last minute oral health needs now, so you can enjoy your holidays.


Sedation: Should I Feel Embarrassed About It?

You may feel nervous about coming in for a dental visit with us at our Cerritos, CA practice. You may feel anxious about any type of professional dental care. Add to this the fact that you also feel particularly unsure about how to feel about the sedation that can make it all so much easier and you don’t really have a recipe for a nice experience. Instead, you may end up making yourself even more stressed about smile care. Good news: We can swiftly explain why you should feel all good things about allowing something like nitrous oxide to make your visit better.


Thanksgiving And Your Teeth Replacements: Helpful Advice

As Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ve got some serious eating on your mind! However, before you begin salivating at the glorious thought of turkey, pumpkin pie, and more, we’d like for you to quickly reflect on what it means to enjoy this upcoming meal now that you have teeth replacements. Similar to advice we may suggest even for individuals who have never lost a tooth, our recommendations are all about keeping your smile clean, comfortable, and your oral health safe. Ready for just a bit of help from our Cerritos, CA team to make sure your Turkey Day dinner is all you’ve been imagining? Great, let’s go!


Work With Your Bruxism Treatment (Not Against It!)

When you find out that you are someone who requires bruxism treatment, you may feel astonished. “I didn’t even know I was grinding my teeth!” you might say. Or, you may be someone who clenches your teeth and feel quite shocked that you were unaware of this motion. As you may have just realized, bruxism is grinding or clenching that you’re not doing intentionally. Your muscles are moving, of course, but you may not realize it. Why treat it, you wonder? Well, that grinding and clenching can lead to very serious damage, which we can prevent! Of course, as we’re helping you prevent it with treatment, there are some choices our Cerritos, CA team suggests you make in order to promote the success of your treatment (rather than work against it!).