Fighting Against Oral Cancer

Treat oral cancer early at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos California

One of the best reasons to take care of your oral health and get preventive treatment is to decrease the chances of oral cancer. This is a scary thing but can be an unfortunate reality, with around three percent of cancer cases being in the mouth.

Cancer cannot always be prevented, but it can be detected early with oral screenings. In today’s blog, we’re here to help inform our patients about the symptoms of oral cancer and the treatment options available. Cerritos Dental Surgery of Cerritos, CA, offers oral pathology treatment for our patients.

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What Can Cause Cancer In The Mouth

Several risk factors can increase the chances of developing oral cancer. Heavy tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, and genetics are just some of the leading causes. Reducing the amounts of alcohol that you drink and decreasing cigarette usage may help limit your chances. In addition to this, there are also preventive measures you can take.

Like other forms of diseases, oral cancer can be examined early. Especially if you begin to experience symptoms such as a sore or bleeding throat, chronic dry mouth, repeated infections, or irritations, you should visit a pathologist.

Visiting Your Pathologist

At your appointment, the doctor will check your mouth, lips, and gums for signs. A biopsy can be performed in which a small amount of your oral tissue will be taken and sent to a lab for examination. Getting a biopsy is beneficial because it can help detect early stages of cancer, which means you can start your treatment early.

If it is determined that you have cancer, there are several forms of treatment available. We understand how difficult this journey can be, and we will help you stay as comfortable as possible throughout your diagnosis and treatments.

Treating Oral Cancer

All patient’s symptoms show and progress differently, so there will be a variety of options to help manage them. At Stage 0, when this has not spread, there is the possibility to remove the affected tissues and stop the spread.

During Stage One or Two, the tumor has spread but only a small amount. Along with removing the tissues, chemotherapy or radiation can be used to target the affected area.

If you progress into Stage Three or further, a continuation of chemotherapy and radiotin will occur.

We know that this can be anxiety-inducing and worrisome for our patients. However, it is our goal to make this as easy as possible and return you to normal health. To allow for the earliest possible detection, continue seeing your dentist regularly and bring up your concerns if you begin to show symptoms.

Don’t Put Off Your Exam

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