Month: May 2014

How Are Your Gums These Days?

With all the attention you pay to your teeth, you might expect to notice if something is wrong with your dental health. If your teeth don’t hurt, and they still retain their pearly-white, blemish-free appearance, then you could assume they were in excellent health. Unfortunately, that assumption may be wrong, especially if you miss the… Read more »

What Are The Steps For Dental Implants?

You are not happy with the way your teeth and your smile look. You may have a missing tooth or may have lost several teeth in an accident or from periodontal disease. What you know is that you do not look your absolute best. So, you begin to look for alternatives. One of those alternatives… Read more »

An Overview Of Dental Implants

It may seem that everywhere you go lately, you hear about dental implants. Friends and family likely had successful dental implant surgery. You may have even heard them mentioned the last time you had your dental procedure with Dr. Shawn Hofkes. You, however, may want a general overview of the procedure, and find out if… Read more »

Why Some Teeth Must Be Extracted

It is the goal of a good dentist, such as Dr. Shawn Hofkes of Cerritos Dental Surgery, to try and save each and every tooth. Although adult permanent teeth were designed to last a lifetime, sometimes, saving a tooth is not possible or even desirable, and it may need to be extracted. The Need for… Read more »

Keeping Your New Smile Bright

You have just made a very good decision and decided to have your teeth whitened. You love your new look, and your smile has not been this dazzling in years. Wherever you go, people are commenting not only on your smile, but also that you seem to look younger and more vibrant. So how do… Read more »

How and Why to Look for Oral Cancer

In the public eye, cancer is most commonly associated with the breasts, lungs, skin, prostate, and other body organs. However, oral cancer is one of the most prevalent and dangerous, affecting approximately 40,000 new patients in the United Sates every year and claiming the lives of over 8,000 in the same time period. An oral… Read more »

Why Do We Develop Dry Mouth?

Does your mouth ever feel dry or parched? Dry mouth may seem at first like a trivial issue, but in fact, dry mouth can increase the risk of serious dental health issues. Not to mention, dry mouth can make communication difficult and lead to quite a bit of discomfort. Cerritos oral surgeon, Dr. Shawn Hofkes,… Read more »

The Summer Sun Can Help Protect Your Teeth

You might not realize it but while you’re soaking in the sun you’re also helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is known as an essential component for healthy bones. However, Cerritos, CA, oral surgeon Dr. Hofkes says few people realize vitamin D is vital for oral… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Grafting

If there isn’t enough bone in your jaw to support dental implants, bone grafting might be an option. Your Cerritos, CA, oral surgeon Dr. Hofkes addresses common questions about bone grafting.

Prefer to Sleep Through Dental Cleanings?

Have you ever had someone tell you to “just calm down?” Sure, we all probably have heard those words. Yet they seem ridiculous in a state of panic. After all, wouldn’t we calm down if we could? If you fear going to the dentist or doctor, you are far from alone. Being poked, prodded, examined,… Read more »