Keeping Your New Smile Bright

You have just made a very good decision and decided to have your teeth whitened. You love your new look, and your smile has not been this dazzling in years. Wherever you go, people are commenting not only on your smile, but also that you seem to look younger and more vibrant.

So how do you maintain your teeth’s sparkling new appearance?

Avoid staining beverages, if possible

One of the main causes of teeth yellowing is coffee, tea, cola soft drinks, and red wine. Changing your drinking habits to include more water and fewer harmful beverages will go a long way towards maintaining your bright smile.

If you do not want to forgo your latte, or chia tea, or glass of red wine, consider using a straw. This will help considerably minimize your teeth’s exposure to the stain-inducing beverages.

Also, follow your staining beverage with a glass of water, which will immediately reduce the staining impact.

Do not smoke

Smoking is another of the leading causes of yellowing teeth. Now that you have the smile you have always wanted, maybe it is time to make other changes that impact your teeth, as well as your health. Although it will be difficult, quitting smoking will provide numerous benefits, including protecting your beautiful smile.

Proper brushing.

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is essential to maintaining your whitened teeth. Brush at least after breakfast and dinner, but ideally, brush after every meal, including lunch. Purchase a small tube of toothpaste and small toothbrush that you can put in your purse, desk, or pocket for brushing mid-day. It will make a difference in your overall dental care and in the color of your teeth.

Avoid staining foods.

Many foods also add to teeth staining, such as beets, berries, and tomato products. Any food product that creates tough stains to get out of your clothes will produce the same effect on your smile. Make smart choices as you eat and if you do eat something likely to stain, drink water immediately after and brush your teeth, if possible..

Schedule regular dental cleanings.

The more frequently you have your teeth cleaned, the better your chances of maintaining the brightness of your teeth. There is a direct relationship between dental visits and the longevity of your teeth’s pearly whiteness.

Remember that your teeth are porous and whatever they come into contact with is likely to affect your teeth color. As you age, your teeth become more likely to stain due to weakened enamel (the protective layer of mineral crystals that surrounds your healthy teeth). .


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