3 Things Patients Forget About Dental Surgery

When patients require dental surgery, there are often some self-imposed obstacles that keep them from receiving essential care! While you may find this somewhat shocking at first glance, you may also find that you’ve been overlooking some of your very own roadblocks! Let’s discuss some details, so you realize that when your smile requires a surgical procedure with our Cerritos, CA team, the best thing to do is to come on in and rescue your smile!

#1: It’s For Patients Of Every Age!

If you’re older, you may somehow convince yourself that dental surgery is just something that you cannot receive if you are of a more mature age because maybe your smile cannot handle it or you assume you won’t qualify. If you’re younger, you may view oral surgery as something that’s primarily geared for older individuals who need things like tooth replacement through the use of dental implants. The truth is, surgical procedures for your oral health know no age limit! They are appropriate for everyone from pediatric patients to those in their senior years. Whatever it is you need, remember that following through on essential care is the way to go!

#2: It Doesn’t Hurt

We know quite well that even though you may have enjoyed comfortable dental care in the past for things like checkups, fillings, and otherwise, there’s just something about the term dental surgery that may cause you to assume it’s going to be painful and laborious. As a result, you just want to do everything you can to avoid it! However, our team reminds you that the truth is very much the opposite: Surgical procedures are absolutely comfortable because we numb the tissues in question and because you may receive dental sedation! So, worry no more! Instead, come in for easy, relaxing care.

#3: It’s Not “Too Late”

Whether you have a sore you’ve been ignoring, an issue that’s been going on for quite a while (such as a wisdom tooth that needs to come out), teeth requiring replacement, or anything else, the only thing worse than not coming in for quite a while is deciding it’s too late and then never coming it. It’s actually not too late for dental surgery or other required treatments. The sooner you decide to see us, the better!

See Us For Dental Surgery

Don’t give yourself excuses to avoid coming in for a visit or to skip out on the dental surgery treatment you need. Instead, ask us all of your questions, learn what you need to know, and get your smile healthy again! To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hofkes, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA and more.