Attaching Prosthetics To Your Dental Implants

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Losing one or more of your teeth can create rapid complications for your oral health quite quickly. Not only does a missing tooth leave an impact on your appearance, but the impact on your alignment can damage your remaining teeth as well. Left untreated, an open gap in your smile allows remaining neighbors to drift and pull your teeth out of position. This can lead to a disproportionate application of the force of your bite, which can swiftly erode its protective enamel layer. As other teeth incur damage, you may risk more losses, leading to a state that can feel unmanageable. Fortunately, we could place dental implants to restore your missing teeth and return confidence in your bite.

At your Cerritos, CA dental practice, we strive to provide dental procedures that enhance your quality of life. With a variety of prosthetic options, we can replace your missing teeth with a solution that takes into account the degree of your condition.

Evaluating Your Dental Loss

When you schedule a visit to explore your options for replacing missing teeth, we will perform an examination to decide if your jawbone can support implants that hold dental prosthetics. To get a full picture of your entire situation, we take digital X-rays that measure the extent of your tooth loss. Because periodontal disease is the primary cause of missing teeth among adults, we will suggest getting it under control before proceeding with any other oral surgery. Because dental implants fuse with your bone tissue to mimic the strength of a tooth’s root, the bone must maintain enough density to support your post. When you heal from the implantation, we connect an abutment to its end that can receive a number of prosthetics above the gumline. Working in combination, your new post and prosthetic will complete your artificial tooth!

Bone Grafting

If we determine that your jaw is not healthy enough to support an implant, we could suggest placing a bone graft to restore the deteriorated tissue. This is a common problem for patients who have gone a long time with missing teeth. When healthy, your teeth transfer the force of your bite to the bone which signals the nervous system to maintain bone density. After losing a tooth, you lose this signal, and the body redirects nutrients elsewhere. We could place new artificial tissue or real bone from a donor site elsewhere in the body.

Replacing An Individual Tooth

When treating a single lost tooth, we can place a single implant to imitate the missing root. By inserting a biocompatible post directly through your socket into the jaw, your oral tissues receive it and fuse together. As you heal, your gums reattach and seal the post within your jaw. To complete your restoration above the gum line, we can attach a dental crown that contours to the other teeth in your smile. Modern dental ceramics allow us to shade your artificial tooth to the rest of your teeth, returning beauty and function at the same time!

Fixing A Dental Bridge

If you lose multiple teeth in a row with one another, we could place a fixed bridge in combination with two posts. This alternative to traditional dental bridges can last longer while providing jawbone support that a standard bridge cannot. This is because as your jaw shrinks with a traditional bridge, you must recreate the bridge to adjust to your new bite. Combined with implants, a fixed bridge transfers the force of your bite and maintains bone density.

Replacing Your Entire Set Of Teeth

Similar to fixing dental bridges with posts, we can provide permanent attachment of your dentures to replace an entire set of teeth. To begin treatment, we can extract any remaining loose teeth to prepare the jaw for implantation. We design an entire arch of teeth with artificial gums to return the appearance of your full smile. By attaching them to a set of at least four implant posts, you will not need to take them out every day for cleaning or storage. While traditional dentures may slip in your mouth and create awkward articulation of speech, your fixed dentures will remain secure throughout the day.

Talk To Your Cerritos, CA, Dentist About Options For Replacing Your Missing Teeth!

While losing teeth can cause significant frustration, we are here to provide valuable treatments that restore your smile. The correct approach to replacing teeth can return your bite and restore pride in your appearance. For more information on these treatments, contact our Cerritos, CA, dental office at (562)584-4082. We also serve patients from all surrounding communities, such as Lakewood, Long Beach, and Buena Park.