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Cosmetic dental concerns can be a significant hindrance to daily life. We are incredibly social creatures, and our smiles are one of the first ways that we connect with the people we meet. If you are less than confident in your appearance, you may not be putting your best foot forward in life!

Seize the moment with a beautiful smile that can help you propel your career and social development. Our Cerritos, CA office focuses on strengthening oral health with a beaming approach to cosmetic concerns. Discover how comprehensive dentistry can give you a smile with a bright future!

Repair A Break Before It Worsens

Enamel damage is a common occurrence, as we use our teeth continuously throughout the day. We are always at some risk of the failure of the enamel, and even small cracks and breaks can lead to a deeper infection that can require a root canal surgery procedure or even an extraction.

Be proactive and schedule an examination and consultation to determine the best course of action to repair this situation. Dental crowns are a helpful way to solidify the safety of the tooth. These are durable ceramic caps that are cemented to your existing structure. Attend to this before it becomes painful so that you may avoid potentially invasive surgery to eliminate infection.

A Safe Whitening Process

Another area where patients often feel self-conscious is in the discoloration of their smile. Years of stains can build up from some of our favorite foods and beverages. While it is easier than in the past to avoid artificial food coloring, these dyes are still prevalent in our diets. Over time, these can leave lasting marks on our enamel.

Some of the most common culprits for discoloration include red wine and coffee. If you are a particular fan of these items, it is important to take particular care of your enamel. Quitting tobacco use can also be one of the best decisions for your overall oral health, as it poses problems in many different areas of the longevity of your smile.

These stains can be rather stubborn and require special care. While there are over-the-counter options available at every supermarket, these can lead to serious issues with enamel weakening. This can contribute to dentin sensitivity, so it is important to have an experienced professional keep an eye on your wellbeing throughout the process.

Explore Your Dental Future In Cerritos, CA

Our smiles play a huge role in how well we succeed in life. Take control of your oral health by calling Dr. Hofkes at Cerritos Dental Surgery today in Cerritos, CA at 562-584-4082 for more information. We can help you to have the best smile possible and maintain it through whatever may come!