Tracking Molar Growth In A Teen Mouth

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If you are an adolescent, then you know that this time in your life can be rather hectic. In addition to school and other extracurricular activities, it is a period when you are learning socially. For this reason, often teens and young adults may not monitor their oral health as intensely as they should.

One prime example of this is through the development of your third molars, also known commonly as wisdom teeth. These are your last set of dental structures and they can cause issues for a variety of reasons. We have outgrown their need through evolution, and as our mouths have become smaller, they do not often fit within the jaw structure of contemporary humans. What this means is that they routinely overcrowd your existing smile. Or if they grow too far back on your oral ridge, these structures can interfere with your ability to properly chew and close your mouth. Today, your Cerritos, Ca dentist stresses the need for regular visits to the office during this period. Identification and imagery can help you avoid harmful damage before it has a chance to occur!

Don’t Keep It In

If you are experiencing any strange feelings or pain within your adolescent jaw, bring this up immediately. Sometimes teens will try to hide or mask their discomfort because they might not know how important this process truly is. If you find that your parents are not taking the situation seriously, either, be sure to keep on the topic. This growth can be a serious hazard to the development of your mouth.

It might feel difficult to find a time when you will be able to commit to the possibility of a wisdom tooth extraction surgery, as well. Early identification can help you best to plan for a time when this process will be as unobtrusive as possible. In other words, if you get to it quicker, the situation can be handled as comfortably as possible.

The Damage Can Be Severe

You might not be fully aware of how much this development can affect your smile. Our third molars grow quite forcefully, and if they do not fit, then they can adjust your alignment. This might also happen due to the new teeth growing at an improper angle. Sometimes they can grow nearly sideways, shifting everything forward!

The best way to avoid this sort of situation is through regular checkups and imaging at the dentist’s office. Digital x-rays allow us to take a look deep within the bone of your jaw to see how things are progressing. This way, if extraction is necessary, it will be more likely to avoid any harms!


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